Career Profile

PhD with 3 years of industry experience, over 10 years of laboratory experience, and 3 years of professional programming and laboratory automation experience.

Proven track record for novel research, leading multidisciplinary collaborative projects, and synthesizing large datasets into succinct conclusions.



2015 - Present
Adimab, Lebanon NH

• Conduct and evaluate accelerated stability assays on drug-candidate mAb molecules via LC-MS/MS.

• Automate data acquisition and analysis (python, c#)

• Use BLI for measuring binding kinetics and epitope mapping experiments.

• Lead exploratory protein engineering projects.

Automation Consultant, Co-Founder

2015 - Present
Boston AutoLytics, Lebanon NH

• Evaluate, prescribe, and develop automated solutions for data acquisition and analysis.

• Projects are biopharma focused with clients including: Adimab, Avitide, and Eli Lilly.

Owner, Operator

2018 - Present, Lebanon NH

• Provide and support web hosting for personal and small business websites.

• Build and update web pages for clients (html, bootstrap, php, jquery, wordpress)

• Identify, sell, and advise new clients.

Graduate Student/Post-doc

2008 - 2015
Matthew's Lab, Worcester MA

• Worked independently on several projects with the principal interest of better understanding early folding events in the flavodoxin fold protein , CheY.

• Completely developed the on-line digest hydrogen-deuterium exchange mass spec setup at the Proteomics core facility at UMass Medical.

• Worked with Dr. Bilsel and Dr. Kathuria on the complete development the CF-SAXS system at the BIOCAT beamline at APS, including authoring SAXS analysis software.p>

• Established and participated in collaborations with computational groups including the Pande lab at Stanford, and the Brooks Lab at Michigan.

Personal Projects

As a hobbyist computer programmer, I'm always working on something to continue learning the craft. Check out these on-going projects:

Pyvuka - A flexible and general purpose global fitting software for analyzing scientific data, written in python.
ForteBioPKG - A python package for the automated analysis of high-throughput ForteBio BLI data. Automation includes kinetic and epitope mapping analyses.

Skills & Proficiency

Data Analysis

Mass Spectrometry

Molecular Kinetics

Chromatographic and Light Scattering/Absorption Techniques

Protein Engineering

Web Design & App production (php, html, javascript, jquery, etc)

Computer programming (Python & C#)

Specific Laboratory Techniques
NMR, Peptide Mapping, LCMS, MALDI, SPR, BLI, DSF, Micro-fluidic mixing, SAXS, CD, FL, PCR, HIC, CEX, SEC, Binding Kinetics, Folding Kinetics, MD, Intein Chemistry, Protein Engineering, Protein Purification, FRET, SDS-PAGE, DLS

Professional Publications

Most of my professional publications are indexed on PubMed [Here]. Direct download links: